Continuous Compliance for DevOps teams

The world runs on software. Deliver the most critical applications quickly and securely with Merkely.

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Conventional change management can’t keep pace with modern software development


Merkely automates compliance with every change

Automated Security & Compliance Controls

Automated Security & Compliance Controls

Binary provenance and audit trails that are built into every change

Full Traceability & Documentation

Full Traceability & Documentation

Track changes and record approvals to ensure you are always audit-ready

Organizational Insights

Organizational Insights

Full compliance and DevOps insights across your entire organisation

Deploy compliant software with speed and security

Deliver Change

  • Deploy fully documented changes on demand
  • Increase deployment frequency
  • Improve delivery lead time
  • Increase agility

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Deploy compliant software with speed and security

Control Risks

  • Team ownership on change approvals
  • Strict controls every time
  • Visibility across the organization
  • Mitigate insider security threats

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Regulated DevOps without the bloated enterprise software

Tool agnostic SaaS

Tool agnostic SaaS

Merkely integrates with all of the CI/CD tools in your stack.

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Fast and easy to set up

Fast and easy to set up

From zero to compliant in minutes with our simple pipeline integrations.

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Start for free

Start for free

Merkely is easy to implement. Get started with one commit.

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True DevOps with Change Management automation

Define, implement, and prove compliance in your pipeline

Automate change management as part of your DevOps approach

Replace the change management silo at the end of your software delivery cycle with an automated process that defines, implements, and proves compliance *inside* your pipelines. Every change, from the initial git commit to the final push to production, is logged automatically in Merkely. It means that when a release candidate passes through your final DevOps tollgate *it is compliant by design* and can go immediately to production.
Continuous Compliance Infinity Loop

Release compliant software every day instead of batching changes

Integrating Merkely with your pipelines provides Continuous Compliance that runs in tandem with your continuous delivery cycle. Push compliant software multiple times each day instead of batching changes for release every month or every quarter. Batching changes increases lead times, slows feedback, and increases the risk that a change will fail. With Merkely your changes are logged in an immutable way to enable audit-ready, compliant software on demand.
Lead time to value charts, comparing conventional change management and continuous compliance

Deliver critical applications quickly and securely

Organizations in regulated verticals who integrate compliance as code into their DevOps pipelines will be able to deliver changes as quickly as teams working in non-regulated industries. Replacing meetings, paper trails, and manual controls with Continuous Compliance automation gives regulated organizations a big head start in the race to get new features to users. Gartner estimates that 60% of businesses with regulated pipelines will have adopted Continuous Compliance automation by 2023.
Padlock in a cube icon

End to end compliance automation

Build a secure chain of custody across your value stream
Notebook with artifact cube icon

Artifact Logs

Record an immutable identity for every binary built in your controlled build process with cryptographic fingerprints

Magnifying glass over paper icon

Secure Audit Trails

Prove your compliance process by automating security and risk controls for every artifact

Notebook with charts icon

Change Reports

Automate change reports generated from version control and/or continuous integration events

Deployment control icon

Controlled Deploys

Verify binary provenance, risk controls and approvals to ensure all deploys are in compliance

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