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Deploy compliant software to regulated production environments with Merkely’s DevOps change management platform. Innovate faster with all of the speed and none of the risk.

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DevOps change collaboration loop diagram
Stack of paperwork for conventional change management

THE PAST Even when organizations only deployed once a quarter, conventional change management wasn’t great

  • Rigid process and manual audits
  • Long lead times and elevated risk
  • Limited visibility of the full change history
Continuous compliance loop

THE FUTURE Regulated teams deploying changes every day require DevOps Change Collaboration

  • Freedom and flexibility through automation
  • Repeatable processes for high trust at speed
  • Full observability of change at scale
The problem

DevOps teams make changes faster than they can track them

Conventional change management doesn’t scale and puts your organization at risk
Paperwork diagrams

Endless paperwork and ineffective meetings

Manual change management processes impose bureaucracy on technology teams. They’re time-consuming, ineffective, and incompatible with DevOps culture.
Changes in a funnel

Manual change approvals are slower and riskier

Your DevOps gains are lost when change management is stuck on the end of your value stream as a manual gate. It results in batching, longer lead times, and greater release risk.
Eyes observability icons

With limited observability, you’re never in control

As the rate of change increases, maintaining real-time observability across your pipelines becomes impossible. Who really knows what’s running in production and if it’s compliant at any given time?
Merkely's solution

Deploy at the speed of DevOps with Continuous Compliance

Unleash your full delivery potential by implementing Continuous Compliance in your DevOps pipelines and runtime environments
Freedom of tools and process

Automate change management with your tools and process

Merkely integrates with your existing DevOps tools. Configure change and release controls to automate compliance to your corporate standards and policies.
Checkmark on pie chart

Build trust into every change at DevOps speed

Automate your risk controls by instantly validating every change in your software and development environments against your defined process. Continuous Compliance ensures zero divergence between what you’re saying and what you’re doing.
Eyes observability data

Total visibility of any volume of change

Self-documenting processes in your pipelines and environments ensure your organization is always audit ready. A complete history of change means you can see everything in production, exactly how it got there, and if it’s compliant.

Automate your regulatory compliance with Merkely

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ISAE 3402
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