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Merkely helps the world’s leading fintechs track dynamic DevOps environments with Continuous Compliance

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What is Merkely?

Merkely is a Continuous Compliance Automation tool for DevOps teams in fintech who deploy software under regulation

What does it do?

Merkely ensures your software development pipelines and environments are always in a audit ready state of Continuous Compliance

Is it for me?

Join the next generation of fintechs and get to Continuous Compliance with onboarding from our DevOps experts.

How do you get to Continuous Compliance?

Merkely helps you achieve Continuous Compliance by providing real-time answers to the three big questions for DevOps teams in fintech…

What is Continuous Compliance?
What’s running in production?

What’s running in production?

Discover what’s in prod with real-time reporting from operations and compliance observability from end to end

How did it get there?

How did it get there?

Track Artifacts from creation to deployment with a secure append only audit trail across your pipelines

Is it compliant?

Is it compliant?

Continuously verify your Artifacts are compliant with your declared software delivery process