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Our story

Hello and welcome to Merkely! Here’s a bit about us, what we’re trying to do, and where we are on our journey.

Merkely was founded in 2019 by DevOps people who understand that the world runs on software – and that it is constantly being updated. That’s great for games, dating apps, and social media; you can ship changes to those applications all day long.

But for critical applications and regulated industries, you need to define a change management process and execute it in a provable way before release. And that means battling with your old foes: paper, meetings, long lead times, and large batch sizes.

We started Merkely by asking ourselves one question: how do we eliminate these manual change management processes at the end of the software delivery life cycle? The obvious answer was to figure out how to automate them inside the pipelines, rather than manually attaching them at the end.

This realization inspired us to build a SaaS that enables compliant software by design. No advisory boards, no batched changes, no paper trails – instead, we have Continuous Compliance at DevOps speed.

You can read about how Merkely is already helping our colleagues in fintech here. Investors are also on board; in early 2021 we raised $350k from Skyfall Ventures to take Merkely to the next stage in our development, and we quickly expanded our team from two to nine people. Then in March 2021 we were accepted to TINC, the startup accelerator program with Nordic Innovation House.

The team

Working hard to deliver the vision

Portrait of Mike Long

Mike Long

Co-Founder and CEO

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Portrait of James Logan

James Logan

Co-Founder and CCO

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Portrait of Sami Alajrami

Sami Alajrami

DevOps Consultant

Portrait of Leif Sørensen

Leif Sørensen

Chief Operating Officer

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Portrait of Jon Jagger

Jon Jagger

Director of Software

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Portrait of Ewelina Wilkosz

Ewelina Wilkosz

DevOps Engineer in Customer Success and Developer Relations

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Portrait of Jonathan Coull

Jonathan Coull

Creative Director

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Portrait of Bruce Johnston

Bruce Johnston

Head of Digital Marketing

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Portrait of Tore Martin Hagen

Tore Martin Hagen

Software Developer

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Portrait of Arstan Rysbekov

Arstan Rysbekov

Software Developer

Portrait of Simon Castagna

Simon Castagna

Software Developer

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Portrait of Katerina Konstantinou

Katerina Konstantinou

Digital Marketing Intern

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Advisory Board

Portrait of Jan Bosch

Jan Bosch

Professor of Software Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology

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Portrait of Espen Malmo

Espen Malmo

Co-founder & Managing Partner at Skyfall Ventures

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