DevOps Engineer in Customer Success and Developer Relations 🚀

DevOps Engineer in Customer Success and Developer Relations 🚀

We are looking 👀 for an experienced DevOps Engineer to join our team. Merkely is a startup🚀 building the world’s first DevOps Change Collaboration platform. We are backed by DevOps investors in Silicon Valley and Europe.

DevOpsCon: Munich & Online. Making friends with change

Join Mike Long as he explains how DevOps has transformed the way we deliver software to our customers. But for teams in regulated industries, manual change management processes still put a delay on releases.

What does it mean to deliver software with Continuous Compliance?

In this short video, Mike Long, our Co-founder and CEO, explains how teams delivering software in regulated industries can achieve CI/CD using CC = Continuous Compliance. If you deliver software in a regulated environment you’ll be familiar with change management processes.

It’s time to say “Ok, Boomer!” to old school change management

For technology organizations, change is inevitable. From operational changes in the form of mergers and expansions to frequent software updates and bug fixes, change management is of utmost importance. But, it’s this second aspect of change, at the level of the code, that takes increasing precedence in today’s software driven organizations because it affects day-to-day tasks as well as high-level management.

The Jan Bosch Interview: The Future for Technology Companies

A few days ago you posted a video from the Software Center about doing continuous testing in regulated, safety critical environments. And it immediately attracted a bunch of objections from people in the comments.

The Jan Bosch Interview: Software Innovation in Embedded and Regulated Systems

All of the research into DevOps tells us that it is the most efficient way to deliver software. But, what does DevOps look like in places where you have the extra friction that comes with embedded systems and regulation?

The Jan Bosch Interview: Industry and Academia

A few weeks ago Jan Bosch joined Merkely as an investor and advisor. Shortly after his arrival I interviewed him about a range of software related topics. Our conversation will form the basis for a series of features which we will be posting over the coming weeks.

How to automate a secure chain of custody across your pipelines in 5 steps

Imagine you’re a Fintech CTO 🤓 with several teams and tens of microservices. Do you know what’s currently running in prod? How about yesterday? A week ago? Last month? And if you do know what’s in prod, do you also know how it got there?

We're heading to DevOps Con Berlin!

Later this month Mike Long, our CEO, will give a talk on DevOps and Change Management at DevOps Con in Berlin. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect on June 14th.

DevOps and the future of Change Management

Our CEO @meekrosoft gave a talk at BCS EDN alongside @sebrose where he discussed the extra friction software teams face in regulated industry. Why glue a manual release process onto the end of our pipelines when we can automate it like everything else?

Is faster actually safer? How software physics beats human psychology

Sometimes doom-scrolling through Twitter has its rewards. A few weeks ago, in between the Ever Given🚢 memes (how we miss the big boat!) and the usual screams😱 into the void, I came across this from Charity Majors (@mipsytipsy), CTO at @honeycombio

What the FCA found when analyzing 1 million production changes

A recent FCA report shows that the financial services industry needs to reimagine its approach to change management. By analyzing data from over 1 million production changes, they found out what works and what doesn’t work in the land of regulated change.

How To Release Compliant Software on Demand

In this blog we’ll explain how to automate the change and release compliance in a Secure Software Development Lifecycle. Merkely is new technology that enables teams in regulated industries, like fintech, to release compliant software on demand.

How to Ensure Software Provenance. Just like Google.

Google has always been a leader when it comes to security culture, and google’s approach to managing a secure development lifecycle is no exception. This article introduces Google’s Binary Authorization for Borg (BAB), and will show you how you can implement the same binary authorization system to ensure that production software and configuration deployed in your organization is properly reviewed and authorized.

Introducing Continuous Compliance with Merkely

In this article we introduce new technology that allows you to automate the change and release compliance in a Secure Software Development Lifecycle. It’s called Merkely, a DevOps Change Collaboration tool for teams in regulated industries.

Building a Fintech with DevOps DNA

Moving at DevOps speed isn’t straightforward in regulated industries. Change management processes force your development teams to delay valuable release candidates. But, what if you could automate the change management process to make every release a business decision instead of an administrative one?

ComplianceDB becomes Merkely🚀

Happy new year! 🎉 In the first of a series of announcements, we are very excited to report that as of today we have a new name – Merkely! We considered many (!

Frontend Developer 🚀

Join TeamHuman™️! The Role We are looking for a frontend developer to join our technical team. The main focus of this role will be frontend development on our application and websites.