Later this month Mike Long, our CEO, will give a talk on DevOps and Change Management at DevOps Con in Berlin. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect on June 14th.

Is it possible to do DevOps in a regulated environment? More specifically, is it possible to practice continuous delivery when we have to track all of our changes and prove that they are in compliance with our process? And the big question - how do we remain in compliance without slowing down?

DevOps teams in industries like fintech, healthcare and automotive are discovering that the old ways of managing change don’t scale. Not so long ago teams in these sectors might have pushed a handful of changes to prod every quarter, maybe every month if they were really on it. And that’s easy to track manually.

But what sort of manual process can keep up with multiple deploys every day? Meetings don’t scale. Neither does paperwork or a guy with a clipboard. It’s clear that change management requires automation if regulated teams are going to maximize their DevOps potential.

We’ve already learned that it’s a mistake to add tasks to our process as gates. We’ve experienced this with integration, deployment, and also testing - which was something else we thought was incompatible with DevOps and going fast. And we were wrong. Change management is no different and DevOps gives us the best way of automating all of the tasks concerned with it.

Mike has encountered these challenges many times as a DevOps consultant and CTO. He’ll be talking about how we should tackle them at DevOps Con Berlin on June 14th. We hope you can join us!