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It’s 2021! Why does Change Management still suck?

It’s 2021! Why does Change Management still suck?

There’s an excellent management paper from 2001 called Nobody Ever Gets Credit for Fixing Problems that Never Happened. In it, the researchers looked into how companies create and sustain process improvement.

It’s time to say “Ok, Boomer!” to old school change management

For technology organizations, change is inevitable. From operational changes in the form of mergers and expansions to frequent software updates and bug fixes, change management is of utmost importance. But, it’s this second aspect of change, at the level of the code, that takes increasing precedence in today’s software driven organizations because it affects day-to-day tasks as well as high-level management.

The Jan Bosch Interview: The Future for Technology Companies

A few days ago you posted a video from the Software Center about doing continuous testing in regulated, safety critical environments. And it immediately attracted a bunch of objections from people in the comments.

10 outdated beliefs about software

The world of software remains a fascinating place and I keep being amazed at how rapidly it continues to evolve and transform. We certainly have come a long from the early 1980s when I was a teenager programming BASIC on my ZX81.

The Jan Bosch Interview: Software Innovation in Embedded and Regulated Systems

All of the research into DevOps tells us that it is the most efficient way to deliver software. But, what does DevOps look like in places where you have the extra friction that comes with embedded systems and regulation?

The Jan Bosch Interview: Industry and Academia

A few weeks ago Jan Bosch joined Merkely as an investor and advisor. Shortly after his arrival I interviewed him about a range of software related topics. Our conversation will form the basis for a series of features which we will be posting over the coming weeks.

DevOps and the future of Change Management

Our CEO @meekrosoft gave a talk at BCS EDN alongside @sebrose where he discussed the extra friction software teams face in regulated industries. Why glue a manual release process onto the end of our pipelines when we can automate it like everything else?

Is faster actually safer? How software physics beats human psychology

Sometimes doom-scrolling through Twitter has its rewards. A few weeks ago, in between the Ever Given🚢 memes (how we miss the big boat!) and the usual screams😱 into the void, I came across this tweet from Charity Majors (@mipsytipsy), CTO at @honeycombio

Building a Fintech with DevOps DNA

Moving at DevOps speed isn’t straightforward in regulated industries. Change management processes force your development teams to delay valuable release candidates. But, what if you could automate the change management process to make every release a business decision instead of an administrative one?