What is Continuous Compliance for DevOps teams?

How to avoid gates, release more, and automate compliance in your regulated software pipeline

DevOps change collaboration loop diagram

Speed + volume = an observability problem

Technology teams working under regulation have lots of stakeholders – and that creates an observability problem.

Typically, a regulated organization will have a compliance officer, security teams, DevOps teams, and an external regulator. And they’re all trying to understand how the software in the organization is being delivered.

These organizations have to take regulations around change management, risk controls and security, and translate them into a process that has to be implemented in a provable way.

This means compliance is an observability problem.

Observability problem diagram

The evolution of compliance

Organizations try to solve this issue with documentation, sign-offs, and change advisory boards, but these activities can’t keep up with the speed of their DevOps teams. Established documentation processes don’t scale with today’s dynamic environments – and that means accepting a lot of extra lead time or risk when it comes to releasing changes.

If your industry demands risk controls, documentation, and approvals, you can automate them with every change instead of doing it manually at the end – meaning you can deploy software safely, securely, and continuously.

Evolution of compliance diagram

Regulated software has a BIG problem…

Conventional Change Management approaches in regulated industries can’t keep pace with DevOps teams
Changes bottleneck

Merkely provides real-time answers to the three big questions in regulated DevOps

What’s running in production?

What’s running in production?

Discover with real-time reporting from operations and compliance observability from end to end

How did it get there?

How did it get there?

Track changes by automating a secure chain of custody across your pipelines

Is it compliant?

Is it compliant?

Verify with Continuous Compliance for instantly available audit trails