“We get quick answers to what happened and when”
“Merkely removes all of the friction”

Merkely for Startups

Fintech startups use Merkely to deliver compliant software quickly and at scale. Move faster than your competitors and spend more time developing new features. Apply now for your 75% startup discount

With DevOps Change Management, faster is safer

Imagine being able to deliver your technology without manual release bottlenecks. With Merkely, you can deploy fully documented changes on demand, automate all of your change management requirements, and accelerate your deployment frequency.

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Am I eligible for Merkely for Startups?

Merkely for Startups is available for members or alumni of any accredited incubator, accelerator, venture capital, or entrepreneurial organization.

How Much Does Merkely for Startups Cost?

Get 75% off Merkely in your first year

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Pay Upfront Save 10%
Commit annually

Unlock extra discounts with annual billing

Startup Scale

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Billed monthly
Starts at $450/mo
Billed at $8856/yr $4860/yr

Startup Professional

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Billed monthly
Starts at $738/mo
Billed at $8856/yr $7970/yr

Startup Enterprise

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Billed monthly
Starts at $1249/mo
Billed at $14988/yr $13500/yr
Enable full pipeline traceability with binary provenance, control evidence, approvals and deployment logs.
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Know what is running, recent changes, full history, and the compliance state for every environment
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Monitor drift between expected approved software and what is running in production
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Your questions answered by our experienced DevOps compliance experts.
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Would like some interactive help? A discussion partner? A sparring session? Advice? You can count on us for live remote support.
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An interactive onboarding workshop together with our DevOps experts
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Love Merkely but want to run it yourself? No problem!
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Work with our team to define your custom DevOps software delivery process with compliance built in.
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What's included?

Professional software at startup prices

Professional software at startup prices

Merkely scales with your startups and comes with in-person product training. Get your members going with 75% off in year one and 25% in year two.

Access to startup focused content

Access to startup focused content

We’ll show your startups how to grow into elite performers with technical content, videos, and training materials to help them build compliance into their company DNA.

Continuous support

Continuous support

After a human onboarding experience, we offer additional support from our DevOps experts to keep your startups on a smooth compliance journey.

Exclusive access

Exclusive access

Merkely for Startups members are first in line for new features, product news, and events where we keep everyone up to speed on big industry developments.

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