Copenhagen Fintech

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Scandinavia's first co-working space dedicated to fintech entrepreneurs. Linking to Danish and international fintech networks and ecosystem.

Anchored in the Nordic region’s renowned design and digital traditions, Copenhagen FinTech strives to support human-centric financial solutions with the potential to shape our global society. At Copenhagen FinTech, they are building the most inclusive and expansive FinTech ecosystem. With a focus on human-centric solutions for a greater purpose, they help startups get off the ground by connecting them with financial institutions, research organizations, governments, NGOs and individuals who want to make a difference.

They create uncommon connections between these innovation-seeking groups, and foster collaboration at every step of the development process – from start-up to scale-up and everything in between. The services include but are not limited to:

• Ideation workshops and hackathons

• Incubation and acceleration programs

• Innovation Masterclasses

• Mentor programs

• Legal guidance

• Talent acquisition

• Globalization programs

• Access to specialists in audit, tax, risk, accounting, public relations, public affairs, etc.

Copenhagen Fintech want to position Copenhagen, Denmark and the Nordics as one of the leading FinTech Hubs in the global financial services industry by supporting and catalyzing the next era of technology-led corporate and start-up innovators.